What did CMK1 do?

Creative + Strategy
Co-create an new disruptive strategy focused on find a new way in managing energy within homes and business. This was a 'Digital first' strategy in creating the initial concept for a new application and business plan.  

Branding + Identity
1. Brandnaming: The new brand name Bron was derived from the company behind the initiative, Brontec
2. Payoff: #goodenergy. This pay off describes not only the need for resourceful energy but also the feeling that the brand should radiate in any room or situation
3. Illustration: To communicate new technologies often needs a clear communication style and finding a unique style that define what the brand does. For Bron, we felt the warm rising horizon showed the power of natural energy as the main image for the brand
4. Copywriting: Every word is written to be impactful and informative.

Digital + UX
As part of the brand concept process we co-developed a user interface for the selection and management of the right energy sources for any building. The criteria were established and the interface helps to guide prospects to a better energy choice. 

Innovation + Technology
CMK1 is a specialist in bringing complex technology and innovation to the marketplace through relevant branding and marketing communications. Fast tracking concepts and delivering impactful stories are important in any new economy to reach customers fast and grow the business from startup to brand awareness.