Creative Strategy

What can a creative strategy deliver?

Well firstly, it's definitely not about designing a logo, making a brochure or directing a commercial. A Creative Director uses insights and information gathered through conversations with a brand owners in order to find new ways to bring that success. Working closely with the CEO, the management team, the Creative Director delivers a creative but highly strategic plan for success. The insights combined with new ideas are presented in a single first presentation called the Creative Strategy proposal.

Creative Strategy Proposal

A creative strategy proposal works in two ways:

  1. To set out a written and visual strategy for success that contains a core business driven strategy. The proposal take into consideration all aspects of the company and business objectives briefed to the creative director.
  2. The goal of the CSP is to set an attainable strategy that the whole business can work with, empowering the whole organisation, and highlight the business opportunity through planning a campaign on how to implement it. 

Creative Campaign

To create a campaign around the core strategy. A marketing driven campaign helps to explain the creative strategy in marketing tools and possible scenarios. It’s both inward and outward focused, helping to drive people within the company towards the new set of ambitions, while creating awareness to clients, potentials and interested parties for the new ambition.

Launch and monitoring success

Launching a new strategy or idea to new eyes and ears is never easy. Change needs clear communication to all involved. The core strategy is the strongest way to build new bridges to a new goal or ambition. It brings teams, leaders and the market into a new higher sense of purpose. This can only be successful by a clear monitoring of the creative strategies goals and matching them with the original ambition of the project.

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